Sunday, August 9, 2009


Since this is my blog, I am going to vent for a minute. Ok? Um, thanks.

So, school is starting 2 weeks from tomorrow. I'm very stressed. We have had hit or miss luck in finding teachers that "get" my son. Last year was not stellar. This year he goes into the 7th grade. My inner groans are not because I expect acne and girls to come a-callin'. My groans and worries are because he is like a 5 year old trapped in an almost 13 year old's body.

Today was full of tantrums and just made me, well...sad. Very, very sad. My boy struggles to cope with day to day struggles that most of us just go through and never notice. To him, though, it's all a big deal. Couldn't find a shirt without a tag? His solution is to throw stuff and cry. You and me? Well, we'd probably cut the tag out of the shirt or find a different one altogether. It was that kind of stuff ALL DAY LONG.

My man-child likes to be alone (FYI - it's his world and he tolerates the rest of the human race). So, he is done with sharing his space with his sister and me. He wants to talk back to the computer and not have one of the girls telling him to stop talking to himself because he is clearly talking to the computer, not himself.

I'm stressed not only about the teachers but about the kids. He is so into Bakugan and dinosaurs, but other kids his age aren't. I'm worried about if/when he'll get into a fight because he is not like the rest of them. Kids are mean. 7th graders are in a category all to themselves.

Part of the reason for the on-going tantrums today were brought on by our preparations for school. We did some shopping for clothes and school supplies very early yesterday. I had hoped that by avoiding the crowds he could handle it better than if we went closer to school starting and during the busy part of the day. I don't know if we did too much or what, but he is very over both his sister and me. Today, I thought we should spend the day relaxing at home, but that irritated him because we were in his way.

The other part of the reason is because last Tuesday his pdoc (psychiatrist) changed his mood stabilizer. He took him off of Abilify and put him on Trileptal. He changed it because we were seeing a lot more irritability and anger than usual. He was going to have to go up on the dosage, but the Abilify was causing a huge weight gain. If he went up, the weight would, too, which would cause the med to need to be upped and so on.....

So, we have been titrating up on the Trileptal and he won't be on his full daily dosage until Tuesday, but we won't see the full benefit for another week or so. AAAAAUUUUUGGGHHHH! Another week of this?!

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