Friday, July 10, 2009

Score 1 for the kid....

So, my son has been staying at home semi-supervised by his grandmother during the day while I am at work. I have felt like he is spending too much time at the computer or watching TV, so in order to prevent the mush brain from settling in, I have asked him to do a few chores around the house. Seems logical, right?

Um, yeah - if you decided to live in a logical world without a 12 year old BP, PDD kid maybe. I don't. Evidently I am treating him as the "maid". Since all I asked him to do was wash dishes he used, I didn't really agree with that opinion and grounded him from the computer by changing his login password until they were done.

Imagine my delight when I got the phone call from him telling me he was done! I was so happy (and feeling smug, I might add) that I dispatched the grandmother over the house post-haste with the super secret code.

I even followed that up with a sappy sweet email telling him how proud I was of him. He was certainly making good choices and showing real maturity.

Imagine my anger when I got home and said dishes were still in the sink. Dirty.

Note to self: Be more specific to grandmother about why she has been given the super secret password and don't believe it until you see it. GAH!
He may have won this skirmish, but the battle is far, far from over.....evil Mama is plotting as we speak. Muwwaahhhhh..........

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